Badges & Insignia
If you have a cap/collar/shoulder  badge that is a different variation (Officers or Other Ranks) to anything seen in the lists below then we would be very interested in a close up "in focus" front and back picture of your badge so that we can identify the badge and record it. We are particularly interested Officers Hallmarked silver badges, Officers bronze service dress badges. Even if your badge is listed in the pictures, the hallmark will give us the date of manufacture. Your name will be credited to the pictures (if you so wish). We are also very interested in the c1916-22 badge variations.
Fakes, Re-strikes & Reproductions
Cap Badge in detail c2006-Today, E (LDYPAO) Sqn, The Royal Yeomanry
Cap Badge in detail c1957-2006 (Leicestershire & Derbyshire PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1939-57 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1928-39 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1922-28 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1916-22 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry) Economy
Cap Badge in detail c1908-16 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1904-08 (Leicestershire Imperial PAO Yeomanry)
Cap Badge in detail c1900-04 (Leicestershire Imperial PAO Yeomanry)
Other Badges in detail c1844-99 (PAO Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry)
NCO Arm Badge c1963 - Today (Leicestershire & Derbyshire PAO Yeomanry)
NCO Arm Badge c1870 -1963 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Shoulder Titles c1900-57 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Collar Badges c1957-Today (Leicestershire & Derbyshire PAO Yeomanry)
Collar Badges c1900-57 (Leicestershire PAO Yeomanry)
Buttons c1794 - Today
Car Badges
3rd Cavalry Division Cap Badges worn c1914-15