Cap Badge Variants


Bullion Badges
LDYOfficers :-
Scarlet Backing = Side Cap and Army Blue = Beret Badge.
Makers: Hand & Lock, London.
Pattern dated 24th of June 1957 from LDYPAO Regiment, Hand & Lock Ref: MIL.016, the above are made post 1992.

LDYPAO Regiment Officers bullion cap badge

Metal Badges

Officers Gilt & Silver, x2 loops E/W.

Other Ranks Patch Badge
B (LDYPAO) Squadron, The Royal Yeomanry & F (LDYPAO) Squadron, ACF

Other Ranks A/A - H.W.TIMINGS LTD Birmingham
Post 1970 LDYPAO (7th (V) Royal Anglian & The Royal Yeomanry)

Other Ranks A/A - J.R.GAUNT Birmingham
Post 1970 LDYPAO (7th (V) Royal Anglian & The Royal Yeomanry)
* Made for J R Gaunt in Birmingham by sub contractors H W Timings Ltd.

Other Ranks A/A - J.R.GAUNT B'HAM (Going down)

Other Ranks A/A - J.R.GAUNT B'HAM (Going up)

Other Ranks A/A - J.R.GAUNT LONDON
IWM Catalogue number: NS 2210
Production date: 1961
Materials badge: anodised aluminium
FULL NAME: badge, standard pattern, Leicestershire and Derbyshire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry
SIMPLE NAME: badge, headdress: British

Creator: JR Gaunt London

Category: uniforms and insignia


Card reverse: inscribed ISC Bingham 20/12/67 followed by initials (illegible) (3625 deleted)
Card front: badge, pouch, card, seal
Badge: a rose surmounted by a queen's crown; superimposed thereon the crest of the Prince Consort; below the rose a scroll inscribed The Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry.

 Pouch: cloth pouch to protect badge.

Card: Inspectorate of Stores and Clothing Pattern No. 18437 Pattern No. 18437 Spec. No. UK/CIC/2124D Cat. No. (CB 7936 deleted) 8455-99 -973-9507 Standard; inscribed, Badges (Organization inserted) Cap Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry (TA) Anodised Aluminium; approved by ORD 17B 17-1-1961; authority given as 54/RAC/231 NV/82/081; signed A Harrison 4.5.62.

 Seal: the shield of the Arms of the Board of Ordnance.



Other Ranks (2 piece) A/A - FIRMIN LONDON

Other Ranks (Bi-Metal ) 1957-63
Face painted brown for tactical use by a soldier.

Senior NCO's Chromed cap badge worn in the Beret. This bi-metal badge would have been purchased from the QM and then privately chromed, probably at a local Garage. The badge was then worn with a scarlet backing in the Beret. This practice was common amongst the Royal Armoured Corps Regiments of the time, the chrome protected the badge and was hard wearing with the added benefit of keeping its shine in all conditions and would stand out on the blue Beret of the LDYPAO.
 (Many thanks to Stephen Risby for the photos)

Other Ranks (Bi-Metal ) 1957-63

* Please note: The Cap and collar badges shown above are for the Officers, they are silver and gilt. The buttons for "All Ranks" were staybright.  The other ranks would have worn the bi-metal cap badge with a white metal collar for the Leicestershire Squadrons and a white metal "Kings Crown" collar for the Derbyshire Squadrons (held over from the DY). The Other Ranks were issued with staybright LDYPAO collars post 1963.