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17th Lancers & the PAOLYC

Captain J Gibsone (17th Lancers) appointed Adjutant to the Prince Albert's Own Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry on the 18th of September 1863 until the 1st of January 1885. Made an honorary Major in 1883. Cornet John Gibsone of the 17th Lancers was listed as part of the Light Brigade in the Crimea but not listed as a participant in the charge. Gibsone was commissioned into the 17th Regiment of Light Dragoons (Lancers) on the  8th of December 1854 and joined it in the Crimea on 14 July 1855. He retired as a captain in 1863. His address is listed as Gaddesby, near Melton Mowbray, in Leicestershire, in 1869. The PAOLYC and the 17th Lancers share the same detail in their mess kit waist coat and this is probably due to Captain Gibsone.

Wooden sign post, 'To Headquarters and Balaklava', 1854, brought back by Cornet Gibsone is still held by the National Army Museum.