Sword Exercise

Sunday morning fencing class for Leicester Yeoman at the pub opposite RHQ "the Magazine" in Leicester, 1936. Early morning would have been spent at the Welford Road riding school (now a Car Park for the Royal Infirmary and the Tigers rugby ground).

O/R No1 Dress sword slings

O/R No1 Dress sword knot

Pattern 1885, Mk I cavalry sword, 1887.

Made by Robert Mole and Son of Birmingham in 1887, this sword was used by a member of the 21st Hussars and Leicestershire Yeomanry Cavalry. The blade is 34 and a half inches long and one and one eighth inches wide. It has a single fuller ending eight inches from the point with the last ten inches double-edged.

This model of sword was first tested in action against the Mahdists in the Sudan in the late 1880s. Complaints were received about the blade breaking when 'making a downward cut upon an enemy's head'. Investigations of the swords already issued later showed that the blade was too weak. As a result it was replaced by the 1890 pattern sword.

A very distant picture of an LYC Troop going through sword drill at annual camp in Aston 1890.

LYC Troop sword drill at Aston camp 1890.

15th LD (re-enactment) skill at arms display....