Ties, Blazer Badges, Stable belts & Shields.

LDY Cufflinks & Tie Pin with chain c1970's

Tie & Cravat

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B (LDY) Squadron, RY
Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry (P.A.O)
Post 1956-2007

Leicestershire Yeomanry (P.A.O) and Derbyshire Yeomanry
Pre 1956

Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry cufflink & Tie Clip set Gilding/Enamel post 1930
Maker: Lambournes Birmingham Ltd

Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry cufflink Gilding/Enamel post 1920.
The pair were worn by the late Sgt. John B Halford 55455 post WW2.
(Picture courtesy of his Grandson, Robin Johnson, who wears them today)

Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry
Regimental Standing Orders 1928

Appendix XII.
Page 79

(ii) The Colours of the Regiment
The colours of the Regiment are dark blue and dark red. They are made up in ties and scarves, the colours being woven in the following design :-

Red, 1 1/4 inches.
Blue, 7/8 inch.
Red, 1/8 inch.
Blue, 7/8 inch.
Red, 1 1/4 inches.

All members of the Regiment, past and present, and those who at any time are or have been officially attached to the Regiment as Permanent Staff Medical or Veterinary Officer, are entitled to wear the colours, which can only be obtained from the Quartermaster, and are not on sale at any shop.
Blazer Badges

"B" (LDY) RY Blazer Badge 1993 - Today

LDY (P.A.O) Blazer Badges 1956-93

Leicestershire (PAO) Yeomanry

LY (P.A.O) O/R Blazer Badge c1940-57

Regimental Standing Orders 1928
Appendix IX.
Page 75

Detail of Uniform to be worn by officers:-
Regimental Club Jacket :- A blue serge double-breasted, plain clothes jacket; four plated buttons, and two small buttons on each sleeve. The Regimental tie will normally be worn with this jacket.

LY (P.A.O) O/R Blazer Badge c1930-40

LY (P.A.O) O/R Blazer Badge c1920-30

Stable belts

B (LDY) Squadron, RY
Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry (P.A.O)
Post 1956-2007

Leicestershire & Derbyshire (P.A.O) Yeomanry Officers still wearing their LY stable belts. Note there are two types, on the left the double buckle with the subdued colours and on the right the single buckle type with the distinctive blue and scarlet with thinner scarlet bands.

Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry
RFA Belt.

Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry
Single buckle type

Leicestershire (P.A.O) Yeomanry
Old style Cavalry & RFA girdle.

Possibly the earliest picture of an LY stable belt, at Diss Rectory (Norfolk) 1914. 

Regimental Items

MWC G10 Military Watch strap B (LDYPAO) Sqn, RY. This watch strap is also currently being sold as the "Royal Military Police" but is the same pattern of the LDYPAO Regiment/Squadron.

Regimental (painted relief) & Squadron (Silk screened metal)
"B" (LDY) RY 1992-2007

Hand painted relief, "SQUADRON".
LDY (P.A.O) 1970-80

Metal silk screened
LDY (P.A.O) 1956-92

Hand painted relief
LDY (P.A.O) 1956-92

1960 Re-union Menu LYPAO Comrades' Association
LYPAO Brig. R A G Tilney DSO TD DL
LDYPAO OC Lt.Col P V Radford MC TD
LDYPAO Hon.Col. Sir Ian Walker-Okeover Bart. DSO TD

LDY (P.A.O.) Christmas Card 1956-75

LY (P.A.O) 1947-56

LY (P.A.O.) Christmas Card 1947-56

Cigarette Silk collectable c1920's

Silk postcard c1914-15.

Model Kits

 LEICESTERSHIRE YEOMANRY - Captain, circa 1911 Coronation
MITRECAP MINIATURES white metal kit (No. MV39) 54mm.
Mitercap were a company based in Beighton, Sheffield in the 1980's. They were featured in the July 1984 Modelworld Magazine, sadly they no longer exist.

Circa 1808, 54mm.
Made by Ensign Miniatures.

Post WW2, 160mm (with busby plume) with a 65mm x 65mm base.
Made by "The Sentry Box".

The smaller 6 inch model from Sentry Box.
* Again, missing its busby plume.

G&B3 - British Hussar of P.A.O. Leicestershire Yeomanry, standing, leaning on sword
Lead Toy Soldiers. Made & hand-painted in England by the team of John Greenwood and Miss K.N. Ball, these 54mm, solid lead figures are difficult to find and much in demand. They were produced from 1936 to 1966, when, due to ill health, the firm closed its doors. The fine detail and exquisite painting are highlights of the G&B figures.