Brooches & Medals

White-metal, paste stone & enamel, height 27mm.

White Gold & Diamonds (Left - missing its central band & Right - missing its safety chain).

WW2 silver plated gilding metal converted cap badge.

"Old Comrades Association" , 2.8 cm x 2.1 cm made by J R Gaunt. Horseshoe button hole fixing.

 "Comrades Association" post WW1 in Gilt & Enamel.

Maker's mark "A. BROS", Sterling Silver with gilded front. (2cm  x 4.5cm)

27mm tortoise shell and silver button badge, hallmarked London 1916, maker: C BRS .

Sabre & Badge, hallmarked silver dated 1916 in Birmingham

2nd/1st LYPAO Gilt washed pin Badge, a copy of the gilding metal cap badge.

Modified Sterling silver and blue enamel, fully voided, with diamonds and gold pearl safety chain.

Sterling Silver (Maker : TLM), height 29mm.

c1916-22 (other ranks), another sterling silver version can be found with an all blue enamel lower scroll.

GM White enamel top scroll, blue enamel lower scroll with no red enamel.

Gilt & Enamel, height 29mm.  Pin and hook fixing.
1916-22 (other ranks)

Pendant badge, gilding metal, height 29mm.
This probably hung from a bar with a pin & clasp.

1916-22 (other ranks)

c1908-15 (Other Ranks) Hallmarked silver & enamel.

"W. Shelton" J544 scratched into the back and what looks to be an address of 35 Lake Rd.
c1913-15. Possibly the wife of 2709 (255589) Tpr J E Shelton.

Gilding metal with no enamel.

This badge was also made in sterling silver and the makers mark appears on the back of the badge. The Badge width is 1 1/8 of an inch and approximately the same height. Maker:- Thomas L Mott [TLM]

This circa 1909-15 gilding metal sweetheart badge is a converted "LIY" collar badge. The central "I" has been removed. One rear lug has been replaced with a pin and the other made into a hook.

This 1904-08 white metal sweetheart badge is a converted "LIY" collar badge. The two rear lugs have been replaced with a pin and hook.



Melton Mowbray Tribute Medal, Transvaal War in South Africa 1900 - 1901

The reverse inscription in raised letters (name, rank and unit engraved), 'Presented by the Town of Melton Mowbray to Patrick Nolan in recognition of his Patriotism & Valour in serving in the Transvaal War as Trooper in the 65th Com. Imp. Yeo.', 38.5mm., silver, with fixed straight bar suspension, slight edge bruising, good very fine E200-250 Ref. Hibbard A16 (this medal illustrated). 65th ( Leicestershire) Imperial Yeomanry.


"Arab" tent Pegging 1924-25. The annual camp ended on Whit Monday with a display of "Yeomanry Sports", a traditional public event going back well into the nineteenth century, at which the regiment hoped to augment its funds  from the gate money.

Tent Pegging Medal

Members of the HAC Light Cavalry Squadron tent pegging (2008).

Dated May 1939

Dated 1937
To Tpr. W. Lock in the Coronation Year. Hallmarked in Birmingham by Walker & Hall with a blue enamel highlight of engraving of the regimental badge.

Dated May 1934
 The medal has been seen, in later years, in use as a fob watch chain attachment worn with mess kit on the waistcoat by the LDY.

Dated May 1925
"C" Squadron Winners
Hartopp Cup & Medals
Section Jumping
Yeomanry Sports
May 21st 1925