Yeomanry Seniority : 16th
Cavalry Memorial, Hyde Park, London.
398 (Flint & Denbighshire Yeomanry) Squadron, RLC. (2013-Today)
B (Flint & Denbighshire Yeomanry) Coy, 3 (V) RWF. (1971-99)
372nd (Flint & Denbighshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment, RA. (1956-71)
361 (Carnarvon and Denbigh Yeomanry) Medium Regiment RA (TA)
69th (C&DY) Medium Regt, RA. 241-242 Btys - N.Africa,CMF- Italy (NWE Apr '45)
61st (C&DY) Medium Regt, RA. 243-244 Btys - N.W. Europe
1st/1st Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry : 24th Btn, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. 1917-20
2nd/1st Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry 1914-18
3rd/1st Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry 1915-17
The Denbighshire Hussars Yeomanry 1908-16
The Denbighshire Hussars IY 1900-08
29th (Denbighshire) Company, 9th Btn, IY 1900-02
The Denbighshire Hussars
Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry (Light Dragoons) Post 1856
Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1796-1856
Flintshire Yeomanry Cavalry
74th (Yeomanry) Division insignia
The Band, DYC, DHIY & DHY.
Bronzed Cap Badges (un confirmed DHY)
Cap Badges 1900-71
Cap Badges 1798-1899
Collar Badges 1900-71
NCO Arm Badge 1900-22
Shoulder titles 1900-22
Officers Crossbelt, Sabretache & Sword.
Pin Badges & Brooches
DHY Artifacts
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